SAN Benefits

SAN Benefits

Begin building your benefits line of business today with SAN Benefits, representing more than 27 group and 17 individual benefits carriers. SAN Benefits representatives are trained in employee benefit consulting and will seamlessly act as the conduit in providing a wide range of health, dental, and disability insurance alternatives for your clients, your agency and your staff.

Group Health Plans

  • Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO)
  • Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO)
  • Point-of-Service (POS) Plans
  • Self Insured Plans

Group Life
Group Short & Long Term Disability
Individual Short & Long Term Disability
Group Dental
Long Term Care
Travel Accident
Supplemental Life & Disability Plans
Pension / Profit Sharing / 401K

Life – Group and Individual
Short & Long Term Disability
Long Term Care

SAN Benefits is a full service benefits agency. Look at us as YOUR benefits team.

Participating SAN Member Agencies have direct access to trained SAN Benefits representatives with over 100 years of combined experience. Feel free to hand off potential benefits business and we’ll take it from there or we can accompany you on accounts. Your level of participation in the process will be whatever you are comfortable with.

We encourage you to utilize us for business development and employee benefit counseling. Make us part of your team. Take us out on renewals, new business opportunities, or work with us to develop and execute a marketing campaign. Working with SAN Benefits , you can even build your own benefits division over time.

Once accounts are written, SAN Benefits will continue to service your clients’ benefits needs and you will begin building additional value in your agency while receiving new and renewal commissions. It’s that simple.

Get started today.
Contact Michael Orr, Business Development Director, at 508.370.0002 or

How do I participate in SAN Benefits?

There are 2 ways to participate:

  1. If you are licensed for life accident and health, you can execute a SAN Benefits Participation
    Agreement to receive new, renewal and bonus commissions on your business. You
    also own your expirations.
  2. If you are not licensed, you can receive a one time referral fee. If you do get licensed
    at a later date, you can convert to the SAN Benefits Participation Agreement.

What are the commissions on group benefits?

Commissions vary by group size and product offering. Group health commissions can be a per head amount for small groups and can average 3% on larger accounts. Premiums for group health insurance accounts traditionally run 3 – 5 times that of P&C premiums. Dental insurance typically pays between 5% and 10% commission while group life and disability averages 10% to 15%.

What if I want to start my own benefits division in my agency?

SAN Benefits is a great tool to get some business on the books and start a revenue stream in benefits. If you want to start to pull services in house and staff appropriately, SAN will work with you to adjust commissions based on each agency’s participation in the new business and renewal process. Then, if you want to progress to a full service benefits agency, SAN Benefits will assist with appointments and roll your business for bonuses, similar to your SAN arrangement today!

What's the process to write business once I sign up?

SAN Benefits is a full service benefits agency — think of us as your outsourced benefits team. You make the formal hand off to SAN Benefits and we will take it from there. The better the hand off, the more likely we will write the account. SAN Benefits is also available to accompany you on accounts. Your level of participation in the process will vary based on your comfort level.

How do I contact SAN Benefits?

For questions regarding SAN Benefits, contact Michael Orr, Business Development Director at: or 508.370.0002.

What carriers does SAN Benefits represent?

In addition to the carriers listed below, there are many more fine carriers available.