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Written with: Nationwide
Premium: $31,346
Type of Business: Adult Day Care
Policy Type: Package & Business Auto
AccessPlus Placement Specialist: Gail Howe
State: Massachusetts

Written with: Foremost
Premium: $25,865
Type of Business: Condo Association
Policy Type: Property & General Liability
AccessPlus Placement Specialist: Dee Naoum
State: New York

Written with: AmTrust
Premium: $19,389
Type of Business: Hardwood Floor Installation, Refinishing, Interior / Exterior Painting
Policy Type: Workers’ Comp
AccessPlus Placement Specialist: Sarah Bassett
State: Massachusetts

Written with: The Hartford
Premium: $18,263
Type of Business: Cable Installation
Policy Type: General Liability & Inland Marine
AccessPlus Placement Specialist: Gail Howe
State: Rhode Island

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