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Top Accounts Written With AccessPlus

Written with: Merchants
Premium: $54,200
Type of Business: Auto Body Repair
Policy Type: Package, WC, Business Auto, & Umbrella
Placement Specialist: Karen Landry
State: New Hampshire
Written with: Chubb
Premium: $18,421
Type of Business: Commercial Printing
Policy Type: BOP, Business Auto & WC
Placement Specialist: Diane Naoum
State: Rhode Island
Written with: Berkshire Hathaway Guard
Premium: $9,992
Type of Business: Garage for Transportation Vehicles
Policy Type: WC
Placement Specialist: Diane Naoum
State: Connecticut
Written with: Concord Group
Premium: $8,910
Type of Business: Stone Countertop Sales
Policy Type: Business Auto
Placement Specialist: Diane Naoum
State: Massachusetts
Written with: Kemper
Premium: $5,092
Personal Lines
Policy Type: Auto
Placement Specialist: Taylor Wilusz
State: New York


Featured SIAA MarketFinder Program Partner | Orchid

Looking for a market for Coastal & Vacation Homes?

Orchid is the industry leader for higher value homes in cat-prone areas. Offering online submissions and most quotes are completed in 24 hours or real-time.

SAN Members placed 195 policies totaling $401,351 in Coastal HO premium during the 2nd quarter of 2019. SAN members are up over 50% with Orchid year-to-date. And, business written with Orchid pays above-average commissions and PMSF.

Visit Orchid’s Coastal and Vacation Property program on SIAA MarketFinder.


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