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Written with: Travelers
Premium: $12,372
Type of Business: Condominium Association
Policy Type: BOP
AccessPlus Placement Specialist: Dee Naoum
State: New York

Written with: Travelers
Premium: $8,719
Personal Lines
Policy Type:
Auto, Home & Umbrella
AccessPlus Placement Specialist: Marisa Quintanar
State: Connecticut

Written with: AmTrust
Premium: $8,536
Type of Business:  Restaurant
Policy Type: WC
AccessPlus Placement Specialist: Dee Naoum
State: New Hampshire

Written with: Concord Group
Premium: $8,211
Type of Business:  Funeral Home
Policy Type: BOP & Commercial Auto
AccessPlus Placement Specialist: Karen Landry
State: Massachusetts

Written with: Hanover
Premium: $7,849
Type of Business:  Moving Company
Policy Type: Cargo Inland Marine
AccessPlus Placement Specialist: Dee Naoum
State: Massachusetts

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